Company Settles Remaining Lawsuits from Amphibious Vehicle Accident

The owner of a Branson, Missouri company has entered into a confidential settlement to resolve the final claims in a pending lawsuit stemming from a boating accident.

The lawsuits, filed by family members of people who died in the accident, were the result of the sinking of an amphibious vehicle known as a “duck.” The vehicles are custom built using a design that dates back to World War II. The design allows the vehicle to transport tourists on land and water. Since the vehicles are used on land and water, operators of the vehicles hold commercial drivers’ licenses and are certified by the Coast Guard.

In July 2018 one of the Ride the Ducks vehicles capsized and sank in Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. There were a total 31 passengers on board and 17 died as a result of the accident. The lawsuits filed against the company operating the tourist attraction allege the vehicle entered the lake despite severe weather warnings. Additionally, three of the company’s employees face federal criminal charges. Two managers are accused of not properly communicating the impending storm to the vessel, including the wind gusts of 70 mph. The vessel’s captain also faces charges for allegedly failing to tell passengers to don flotation devices when conditions deteriorated on the lake.

The company previously settled other lawsuits arising from the same incident. Thus, the latest settlements represent resolution of the last pending cases. In 2019, the company announced that it would close the Ride the Ducks business.

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