Cars Are Becoming Distractions for Drivers

Car manufacturers are adding all kinds of bells and whistles to their vehicles. Some are touting safety features while others are simply for aesthetics and to make the vehicles seem cooler, fancier, and more technologically advanced.

A study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety illuminates the benefits and dangers of certain types of newer car features, such as cruise control and lane-keeping assist technologies. The dangers seem to fall in line with drivers not using these safety technologies correctly. Car manufacturers are racing to develop more self-driving cars, but the systems today still require drivers to maintain primary control over the vehicle and to pay attention to the road, the vehicle itself, and other vehicles on the road.

The study also points to increased distracted driving as a result of these type of features that are intended to help the driver operate the vehicle more safely. The study actually also shows that those who are used to this technology are more likely to drive distracted, while drivers who are newer to cars with these features actually pay more attention. Further, the newer wave of touch screens in newer vehicles tend to lead to more distracted driving. What is likely needed in the future are car manufacturers providing more education to drivers about these types of features that tout safety so that drivers are able to be safer.

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