A Montgomery County Resident Sues The Woodlands Mall After Slip and Fall Causes Her to Suffer Serious Injuries

A Montgomery County woman recently filed a complaint in the Harris County District Court against The Woodlands Mall Associates LLC, alleging negligence.

The lawsuit arises of events that took place when the Montgomery County woman was walking inside of The Woodlands Mall. The woman slipped and fell, and sustained serious injuries, due to the mall’s alleged negligence.

According to the woman, at the time of the incident The Woodlands Mall owed a duty of ordinary care, particularly to protect and safeguard the woman from unreasonably dangerous conditions on the premises or to warn of their existence. The mall, the woman claimed, was the one in control of the premises on which the incident happened. The woman claims that the mall either knew or should have known of the dangerous condition but failed to correct or warn. Such a failure, according to the woman, constituted negligence, which was a proximate cause of the occurrence in question and the woman’s damages. The woman alleges that the acts and omissions by the mall that constituted direct and proximate causes to the woman’s injuries included the following: creating an unreasonably dangerous condition, failing to adequately warn of a dangerous condition, failing to correct an existing dangerous condition, and failure to inspect the premises.

The woman seeks an award from the court for her damages including but not limited to her past and future medical expenses; the emotional pain and mental anguish endured; past and future physical pain and suffering; and past and future loss of earnings, among other damages. The woman is seeking monetary relief in the amount of over $200,000.

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