More Vehicles Using Takata Airbags Are Recalled

In addition to the tens of millions of vehicles with Takata airbags already under recall, a separate group of 1,400,000 vehicles were recalled on December 4, 2019 because of defective Takata airbags. Takata is recalling vehicles containing certain Non-Azide Driver airbag inflators that were used in some brands of 1995-2000 vehicles. These inflators may absorb moisture, causing the inflators to rupture or the airbag cushion to underinflate due to a manufacturing issue.

So far in the United States, nearly 42,000,000 vehicles with Takata airbags have been recalled, affecting 34 different brands of automobiles. 29 deaths and over 300 injuries have been connected to ruptured airbags around the world. Drivers are urged to check whether their vehicle is under an active or future recall as US federal safety regulators expect it could be until the year 2023 for the recall to be complete.

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