Jury Awards $21.5 Million to Motorcyclist

A California jury awarded a man injured in a motorcycle accident approximately $21 million. The collision, caught on film, left the motorcyclist with several fractures throughout his body and a lengthy hospital stay.

The accident occurred when a driver in a sedan illegally crossed the HOV lane boundary lines on a busy Los Angeles Freeway and struck the motorcycle. Another motorcyclist caught the entire incident on a camera that was mounted to his helmet. The impact threw the plaintiff from the motorcycle. The man suffered fractures in his dominate arm, back, and leg. He underwent numerous surgeries and spent more than two weeks in the hospital. The man sued the driver of the sedan and the driver’s employer after it was discovered the driver recently repaired the vehicle for his employer.

During the trial, the defendant admitted he was at fault for the collision. The plaintiff’s lawyers asked the jury to award monetary compensation for medical expenses, physical pain, and mental anguish. The jury heard evidence that the plaintiff is not only living with permanent physical limitations and chronic pain, but also suffers from emotional distress caused by the collision.

The verdict consisted of $3,502,420.48 in economic damages such as past and future medical expenses, past lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. The jury awarded $18,000,000 for noneconomic damages which are mental anguish, physical pain, and physical impairment.

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