Jury Awards $20 Million to Family of Man Run Over by Greyhound Bus

Last week, a Dallas jury awarded the family of a man killed by a Greyhound bus $20 million after determining that the transportation company was responsible for his death.

Hunter Brown was a passenger on a bus travelling to California when it made a rest stop at a gas station in Oregon. When the bus departed the rest stop earlier than scheduled, the driver failed to perform a head count making sure that everybody was on the bus. Passenger Hunter Brown chased after the bus trying to get the driver’s attention. Unfortunately, the driver did not see Mr. Brown and ran him over.

Attorneys for Mr. Brown’s family focused on how this tragedy could have been prevented if Greyhound’s own procedures were followed. The jury found that the driver habitually violated Greyhound’s safety policies, and that Greyhound did nothing about it. Records even showed that the driver was not reprimanded until after the Brown family filed their lawsuit.

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