Infants Died After Being Fed Infected Breast Milk

Abel Cepeda, then 5-days-old, was the eighth baby since the summer to get sick after being exposed to bacteria in Geisinger Medical Center’s NICU. Two infants had died prior to Abel’s birth. Geisinger has announced that the hospital’s equipment contaminated donor breast milk, which exposed premature infants to pseudomonas, a bacterium. The day Abel died, the hospital changed its equipment to single-use materials. Abel’s parents have filed suit.

A spokesman for the hospital has said that the facility’s breast milk measurement equipment has long been “thoroughly washed by hand” before re-use. In September, the hospital took “several proactive measures,” which included moving to single-use, sterilized measurement materials.

According to the petition, Abel was given antibiotics before his death because “they knew that they had placed [him] at a constant, heightened risk of contracting a Pseudomonas infection every day that he remained” in the NICU. The lawsuit also stated it was not until October that a physician mentioned pseudomonas and the fact that there had been two other infant deaths.

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