FAA to Handle Approval of New Max Jets

Recently, federal regulators appear to be signaling tougher controls on Boeing. It was recently reported that final checks for the Boeing aircraft will be conducted by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Federal regulators will no longer allow Boeing to sign off on routine checks related to the aircraft. The FAA’s decision to tighten control over Boeing, comes in the wake of two recent Boeing Max 8 crashes.

This marks growing tensions between the aircraft manufacturer and the FAA as hundreds of newly manufactured aircraft are stockpiled, waiting to be delivered to purchasers. The Max 8 aircraft has been grounded since March of this year. Currently, Boeing is waiting for the FAA to approve a revamped version of the Max 8’s flight control system.

Unfortunately for Boeing, the new protocol and training standards have yet to be adopted for Max 8 pilots, therefore it is unlikely the FAA will unground the aircraft until this occurs. Currently, Boeing isn’t allowed to deliver to purchasers any single aisle aircraft while the flying ban is in place.

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