DWI Suspect Involved in Double Fatal Crash on I-45

On Saturday morning, two pedestrians were killed by a driver who reportedly failed to stay in a single lane traveling southbound on I-45.

The Harris County Police Department reported that two pedestrians had gotten out of their vehicles to exchange information following a motor vehicle accident near the HOV concrete barrier with a wrecker blocking traffic. While waiting for police to arrive, a third driver, suspected to be under the influence, failed to stay in a single lane and struck the two pedestrians. One victim, age 45, was killed instantly by the impact, and the other victim was taken to a local hospital and later died as a result of the crash.

No word yet on whether the driver responsible for hitting the two pedestrians was arrested or charged with driving while intoxicated. A representative from the District Attorney’s office reported to the scene and is continuing to assist in the on-going investigation currently underway with police. The driver could face liability and further criminal charges for the deaths of the two pedestrians.

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