$200 Million Verdict for Victim of Drunk Driving Accident

A Tampa, Florida jury awarded more than $200 million to a woman and her young child as the result of being injured by a drunk driver. The automobile collision left the woman and her then unborn child with debilitating permanent injuries.

In late 2015, the plaintiff was 25 years old and nine months pregnant when a drunk driver struck the passenger side of her car in a “T-bone” type accident. The woman trapped inside the car, sustained trauma to her abdomen, in addition to other injuries. Her unborn child was in critical condition due to placenta abruption. The woman was taken to the hospital where the injuries to the unborn child required an emergency caesarean section. However, because of the trauma from the collision, the baby suffered from oxygen deprivation and loss of blood and vital nutrients. Doctors were able to deliver the baby, but not before the child suffered irreversible brain damage. In his short life, the young boy has been hospitalized several times for his ongoing medical conditions. The jury heard testimony that the child will require around-the-clock care for the rest of his life.

The $200 million verdict were awarded to compensate the woman and her child for: past medical expenses, future medical expenses, past pain, future pain, mental anguish, and the permanent injuries.

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