Survey on Same-Day Surgery Centers Finds Serious Safety Concerns

Results of a recent survey raises safety concerns regarding same-day surgery centers. One-third of doctors at these types of medical facilities are found to not be board-certified according to the Leapfrog Group survey. The number includes anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other similar specialized providers at these facilities.

Today, 60% of all surgical procedures in the United States are being performed at same-day surgery centers. Patients are not admitted to the hospital overnight for monitoring any complications post-surgery. Patients place a lot of trust in these facilities that are more typically owned by doctors and not hospitals, which are typically subject to more stringent safety regulations. Unfortunately, there have been at least 260 reported patient deaths related to same-day surgery procedures since 2013. There are concerns that these surgical centers are not reporting complete numbers regarding patient transfers to hospitals for complications that arise during or after a same-day surgical procedure.

The survey also found that some of these same-day surgery centers are falling short on hygiene policies and procedures. As these centers are not required to report as much safety information compared to hospitals, it is important that future surveys and studies are conducted to determine what changes are necessary to possibly prevent future medical malpractice.

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