Man Sues Universal After Water Slide Injury

James Bowen has filed suit after sustaining a serious injury on a water slide at Universal’s Volcano Bay.

On July 11, 2019, Mr. Bowen, then 47 years-old, went down a water slide at Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay. He laid on his stomach and slid headfirst at Punga Racers, a slide that has four lanes. His three daughters were in the other lanes to race against him. When Mr. Bowen reached the wading pool, his face hit the water and his head violently snapped back. He immediately could not move and was floating face down in a few feet of water. His daughter and wife flipped him over so he could breathe. Universal employees called paramedics.

Mr. Bowen was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where it was discovered he suffered a severe spinal cord compression along the C3 to C7 vertebrae. According to his lawsuit, “Because of that severe spinal cord compression, Mr. Bowen was almost completely paralyzed.” Mr. Bowen required surgery, where “surgeons removed part of his vertebrae along his C3 to C7 vertebrae and installed screws and rods resulting in a partial fusion of this section of his spinal column.” With physical therapy, Mr. Bowen can walk a short distance or stand, using crutches.

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