Drunk Driving Arrests Sharply Increase in Houston – A Troubling Epidemic


Houston has a major problem with the growing number of drunk drivers on its roads. Over 12,000 drunk driving arrests have been made in Houston through September, which is already 1,500 more arrests than were made in all of 2018. Considering that Harris County had the highest number of fatal DWI crashes in 2018, the growth in the number of DWI arrests likely means a growth in the number of DWI-related injuries and deaths, tragic consequences of driving drunk.

In an interview with KHOU11, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said, “We definitely have an epidemic here.” In response to this epidemic, the District Attorney’s office is considering harsher penalties for DWIs, especially for repeat offenders. Officials are also more closely scrutinizing bars and restaurants that sell alcohol to individuals and minors that are already inebriated or should not be drinking at all.

The growth of drunk driving in Houston in 2019 is surprising, given the widespread availability of easily accessible ride-hailing programs like Uber and Lyft. Although police officers and the District Attorney’s office are working hard to reverse this trend, it may take some time, and Houstonians should use extra caution, especially when driving at night or on holidays.

What Are Your Options If You Are Involved In An Accident With a Drunk Driver?

While some people might call a car crash “an accident,” impaired driving is not an accident. It is a decision that puts everyone on the road in danger. People who drive drunk or who drive while impaired are violating laws that are necessary to keep everyone safe, and they are making a decision to add unnecessary and avoidable danger to our roadways.

If you are involved in a crash with someone who is driving under the influence or who is driving while impaired, you have the right to pursue claims against that person for your injuries and losses. When a victim of a drunk driving takes legal action, it sends a message to the community that drunk driving is not okay.

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