18-Wheeler Driver Falls Asleep and Causes Extensive Damage to Another Vehicle and Building

On Halloween morning, the driver of an 18-wheeler crashed through a Montgomery County building after reportedly dozing off at the wheel on Interstate 45.

The Montgomery County Police Department reported that the truck driver was traveling southbound on I-45 when he reportedly fell asleep and lost control of the tractor-trailer. The driver crossed multiple lanes of highway while striking another vehicle in its wake. The 18-wheeler finally came to a halt when it ran into an empty building on the side of the highway. The police reported that he traveled “over 800 feet from the freeway to the building” which has been closed for less than a year.

No word yet on whether any of the individuals in the vehicle it struck were injured. The Texas Department of Public Safety that reported to the scene, is continuing to carry out their investigation. The driver could face liability for the property damage and injury to the other vehicle involved.

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