Pregnant Mother and 2-Year-Old Son Tragically Killed in Crash Caused by Suspected Drunk Driver

On August 30, 2019, a 20-year-old man was driving eastbound at a high rate of speed on State Highway 11, when he drove into the westbound lanes, crashing into a second truck that was towing a trailer. The second truck was being driven by a 39-year-old man whose 7-month-pregnant wife, 3-year-old son, and 2-year-old son were also in the truck with him.

The pregnant woman and the couple’s 2-year-old son were pronounced dead at the scene. The drivers of the two trucks and the 3-year-old were immediately taken to various hospitals with serious injuries.

Troopers are still investigating the crash, but one Texas Highway Patrol Trooper noted that police determined, at the scene, that the 20-year-old who caused the wreck had been drinking. Though the matter is currently under investigation, the 20-year-old will likely face criminal charges.

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