Lyft Driver Attacks Rider, Lawsuit Claims Lyft Failed to Screen

A lawsuit has been filed against Lyft and a Lyft driver for a vicious assault of a would-be rider. In May of 2017, Jonathan Pratt was attacked by his Lyft driver in New York City, New York. Pratt called for a Lyft ride, but the Lyft driver allegedly had issues finding Pratt’s pick-up location. As time passed, Pratt eventually attempted to cancel the Lyft ride so he and a friend could take a taxi instead. The Lyft driver then arrived and immediately began berating Pratt, using profanities and aggressive language.

Pratt began recording the Lyft driver with his cell phone. The Lyft driver became violent after Pratt would not get in the Lyft vehicle. The Lyft driver then attacked Pratt, slamming Pratt’s head and causing him to lose consciousness for a period of time. The attack continued with the Lyft driver beating Pratt while he was on the ground until taking Pratt’s cell phone and smashing it. Pratt sustained multiple injuries, including broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. The Lyft driver was not terminated until after he continued driving for Lyft for another 841 rides.

Pratt, a professional musician and composer, claims he is no longer able to perform at the level he once could as the attack has affected his wrist, dexterity, memory, and concentration he needs in order to play and compose music. Pratt has filed a lawsuit against Lyft and the driver for various claims as a result of the attack. The allegations include that Lyft failed to conduct an adequate background check and ignoring previous complaints about the Lyft driver.

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