Fisher Price Recalls Dangerous Chair Due to Multiple Infant Deaths

Fisher Price, the company well known for making toys and other products targeted toward babies and small children, recently recalled its Rock ‘n Play baby sleeper.

The voluntary recall occurred after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded that the baby sleeper had “rollover issues” where babies roll onto their stomachs or sides and cannot return to laying on their back. This increases the likelihood that a baby’s head can fall forward or to the side, compressing the trachea and limiting oxygen intake, which can cause severe brain damage or death.

This recall affects almost five million Fisher Price sleepers and has prompted the recall of similar products made by Fisher Price’s competitors.

The law prohibits the sale of products subject to a publicly announced voluntary recall by a manufacturer or a mandatory recall ordered by the U.S. Product Safety Commission. However, the current state of the product recall system in the United States places the responsibility of discovering recall notices on the consumer. One of the best ways for consumers to be immediately notified in the event of a recall is to register their products with the manufacturer.

While major retailers can be quick to comply with law, the dangers of recalled products can appear in other places. A study done by Kids In Danger, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from unsafe products, concluded that only 18 states have laws prohibiting the use of recalled products in day care centers. While it might be common for parents to screen the qualifications of their childcare providers, they should also evaluate the equipment daycares use in order to determine if they are using safe products.

In the event of an injury or death caused by a dangerous product, there are multiple parties that can responsible, including the manufacturer, distributor, and seller. In order to be fully compensated for your injuries, you need a lawyer that is experienced in handling lawsuits involving dangerous products.

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