FDA Investigates Reports of Seizures from Vaping

Recently the Food and Drug Administration announced that it will be investigating over 120 seizure incidents related to the use of vaping pens. The current FDA study regarding vaping is focused on seizure incidents from 2009 to 2019.

The first vaping pen patent was registered in 2003, however, in the last decade the popularity and use of vaping pens has grown exponentially. Often, vaping pens are used by people who are looking for an alternative to smoking, as well as a recent rise in use by young adults and teens who are non-smokers. The FDA’s website states that a majority of seizure reports received are related to youth and young adults.

Although, much is still unknown regarding the effects of vaping, nicotine toxicity is clearly one of the potential problems faced by vaping users. Often, many people will not realize how much nicotine they are consuming while using a vaping pen. For instance, one JUUL cartridge contains approximately the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. According to the FDA, nicotine toxicity can be connected to seizures and convulsions.

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