The Increased Dangers of Vaping

The evidence is growing on the dangers of vaping. The New York Times has just reported a second death of a person has occurred due to severe lung illness that developed after vaping. This death occurred in Oregon and the investigation revealed the individual who died apparently became sick after vaping T.H.C. [tetrahydrocannabinol] from a product purchased at a recreational marijuana shop in the state. The lead investigator, Dr. Ann Thomas, “said that the doctor who treated the patient recognized several weeks later that the patient’s lung infection was consistent with a syndrome thought to be connected to vaping that has affected more than 200 people around the country this summer, according to federal health officials.”

It has been further reported that the Center for Disease Control and the Food & Drug Administration are working with state investigators to help identify what may be the underlying cause of the problem. As of this time, neither agency has been able to determine what caused the onset of the illness of the adult – who apparently was a middle-aged otherwise healthy adult. It is not clear what brand of product was being used by the decedent, and officials have not identified the dispensary where the substance was purchased. But the symptoms shown by the vape user were similar to the 330 other people who have reported to become sick nationwide and who officials are trying to connect the use of the vape device, the substance vaped, and the life-threatening vaping-related lung disease.

Symptoms that investigators have found include severe coughing, trouble breathing, and chest pain. These symptoms arise after the patient has vaped either nicotine or THC, and they tend to become progressively worse. Last week, the CDC warned the public not to purchase e-cigarettes off the street, but more education is probably needed on the dangers of vaping.

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