Texas Man Sues the Texas Gas Services After His Home Exploded Due to a Gas Leak

Austin resident, David Passman, is suing propane provider, Texas Gas, following a residential gas explosion that occurred on October 27, 2018. The explosion completely destroyed Passman’s home and took the life of his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Burton. Just prior to the explosion, Burton turned on the home’s oven to make a pizza, which caused a large amount gas that had accumulated throughout the home to ignite. A neighbor managed to drag Burton from the burning home, but she soon succumbed to her injuries. Passman woke up in a local hospital nine days later after sustaining a severe concussion and burns over his body. Since the explosion he has undergone nine surgeries and is expected to undergo more as he continues the slow journey to recovery.

Passman’s lawsuit alleges the gas leak was found in a cracked and heavily corroded underground line near the home, and further that the line’s dilapidated and crumbling state creates a significant risk to the community. Poorly maintained underground lines are particularly dangerous as they are often times difficult to detect by ordinary propane consumers and the “rotten eggs” odorant added to propane is typically leached out of the gas by soil. Conditions such as these have the propensity to create the perfect storm where a consumer is unsuspectedly surrounded by large amounts of odorless leaking gas.

Gas providers like Texas Gas are required to follow strict guidelines and standards under Texas’ LP Gas Safety Code, which is designed in large part to protect the lives and property of gas consumers throughout the state. Among the safety codes, providers are required to inspect gas piping systems anytime gas is introduced or transferred to a customer.

Gas explosions like the one that leveled David Passman’s home and killed his partner are sadly not uncommon and are often times accompanied by devastating consequences. With proper adherence to Texas’ LP Gas Safety Code, however, explosions such as these are and should be entirely avoidable.

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