Study Results: Deaths Due to Running Red Lights at 10 Year High

There is an epidemic on American roads because more people are being killed as a result of drivers running red lights. In 2017 alone, at least 939 people were killed because of a driver who blew through a red light, according to a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study. That figure has been increasing since 2012. What this means is that at least two people are killed every day at the hands of drivers running red lights.

To try and account for this rise of fatalities includes the fact that American drivers tend to drive distracted. Unfortunately, there appears to be evidence that it is not just negligent drivers who are distracted by their phones or their car technologies who run red lights by mistake. The study uncovered that nearly 1 in 3 drivers admit to disregarding red lights in the last 30 days. Because of negligent or reckless drivers, the study shows that more than half of the people who are getting killed by drivers running red lights tend to be in the other vehicle that is struck by the offending vehicle.

Most intersections do not have red light cameras (or cameras of any kind) so it is crucial that an investigation is performed on the day of the crash. This will ensure that witnesses and other evidence can be collected to prove there was a red light and why that red light was not obeyed. When there has been a fatality, the investigating police agency has to do a more thorough investigation. That does not mean that the offender will be held accountable for taking the life of another by running a red light.

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