Recent AAA Study Reveals Increasing Number of Fatalities Associated with Drivers Running Red Lights

According to a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAA), 939 people lost their lives in 2017 from drivers speeding through red lights. That number has continuously increased since 2009. The study also revealed that many Americans admittedly disregard red lights and nearly one in three confessed to running a red light within the thirty day period preceding their interview. The fatalities included drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

The AAA study highlights several factors that may contribute to the increasing number of fatalities associated with drivers running red lights. One factor is simply that Americans are spending more time on the road. The Federal Highway Administration states that the number of miles traveled by Americans rose by five percent during the time period studied by AAA. Another factor is distracted driving. With cellphone use while driving on the rise and infotainment systems presenting new distractions to drivers, driving has become increasingly more dangerous. In the Houston area, there were at least two separate incidents in the past month alone where a driver ran a red light, resulting in one fatality and series injuries to three motorcyclists. On August 24, 2019, a 31-year-old woman was killed in a crash when a Chevrolet Tahoe ran a red light and struck her motorcycle. The driver fled the scene. On August 29, 2019, a man driving a Ford Mustang ran a red light and struck three motorcyclists. The motorcyclists are still hospitalized. The extent of their injuries is currently unknown. While it can be frustrating to get caught at a red light, AAA’s study shows that the number of injuries and fatalities may be reduced if drivers avoid running red lights.

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