Man Files Suit Against Texas Gas Service After Home Exploded

On October 27, 2018, a gas explosion occurred in David Passman’s home in Austin, Texas. His longtime girlfriend, Nicole Burton, died. Mr. Passman has spent the last year in and out of the hospital; he’s had nine surgeries to date and faces many more. Mr. Passman and the estate of Ms. Burton have filed suit against Texas Gas Service.

The suit alleges that a “cracked and heavily corroded pipe” maintained by the Texas Gas Service caused the explosion. The suit goes on to note that the pipe’s “dilapidated and crumbling infrastructure creates a significant risk,” and that Texas Gas Service’s “negligence in maintaining its system of pipes as required” put Mr. Passman and Ms. Burton in danger and puts other “Travis County residents at risk for suffering a sudden and catastrophic home explosion.” Ms. Linda Lopata, Mr. Passman’s neighbor, recalled the incident and remembered “it literally lifted my car off the ground.”

Texas Gas Service was sued for a similar incident in 2012. At that time, an aged pipe cracked, which trigged an explosion at the home of Renald Ferrovechio, who died. Suit was filed, but later settled out of court.

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