Jury Awards $242 Million Verdict Against Toyota After Finding Defects Caused Children to Suffer Permanent Head and Brain Injuries

In August of 2018, a Dallas County jury awarded more than $242 million to a family after finding manufacturing defects in the family’s Lexus vehicle had caused their children to suffer skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries after an otherwise minor collision.

The collision occurred when the Lexus was rear-ended, and the family’s three-year-old and five-year-old were sitting in the back seats. The collision was minor enough that the vehicle’s airbags did not deploy. However, the children sustained bumps and/or lacerations on their foreheads that would only be expected in a more serious wreck.

At trial, the family’s attorneys showed that Toyota designed the vehicle defectively – such that its back seats were designed to collapse backwards in order to protect front-seat occupants at the expense of rear-seat passengers during a collision. In this instance, those seats collapsed onto the three and five-year-old children, causing them to sustain serious head injuries.

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