A Houston Customer Suffers Leg Injury After a Slip and Fall Incident at Kroger

A Kroger customer filed a lawsuit in Harris County against the grocery store for injuries suffered while shopping there. The lawsuit, filed on August 19, 2019, pertains to the customer’s slip and fall incident that took place in July of 2018.

While looking for an item to purchase, the customer allegedly slipped on a liquid substance and fell over on the floor in the lunch meat aisle at a Kroger store located in Antoine Town Center in Houston, Texas. While the customer attempted to regain balance, he felt immense pain in his leg. This resulted in him falling to the ground, crying out, and screaming in pain. Afterwards, the customer was transported to Willowbrook Methodist Hospital by ambulance.

In his lawsuit, the customer contends Kroger knew or should have known of the unreasonably dangerous condition, but neither corrected nor warned him about it. Instead, the customer alleges, Kroger either created the dangerous condition on its premises or failed to warn the customer about it. Kroger’s failure constituted negligence and that negligence was arguably the proximate cause of the incident and the customer’s injuries. The customer maintains he did not know about the substance on the floor and could not have reasonably been expected to discover it.

Apart from his negligence claim, the customer maintains that Kroger should be held liable for his damages under the theory of premises liability. In support of his contention, apart from those mentioned above, the customer points to Kroger’s conduct, including but not limited to: failing to protect Plaintiff and other invitees from foreseeable risk of harm and failing to take reasonable measures for that purpose; failing to inspect the area where the incident occurred; and failing to take corrective measures in regard to the spillage.

The customer seeks to recover damages for past and future medical expenses, physical impairment, disfigurement, pain, suffering, and mental anguish, as well as past lost wages and future loss of earning capacity. The customer seeks customer seeks monetary relief of up to $100,000.00.

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