Shopper Injured After Slip and Fall Accident in HEB Store

On July 3, 2019, a Galveston County resident filed a complaint against HEB Grocery Company, LP (“HEB”) in a Galveston County district court, alleging injuries sustained as a result of slip and fall on the supermarket’s premises.

On July 8, 2017, while shopping in a League City, Texas, HEB, the shopper slipped and fell on a slippery surface that was not marked for caution. The slippery substance was accumulated on the concrete near the gasoline pumps. As a result of the fall, the shopper sustained serious bodily injuries.

The shopper is seeking recovery for her injuries on allegations of premises liability. In particular, the shopper maintains that she was a customer at the HEB store, and that the slippery surface posed an unreasonable risk of harm. The shopper maintains that the slippery surface was an accumulation of oil-like fluids posing an unreasonable risk of harm to Plaintiff. The shopper further alleges that HEB knew or should have known of such a condition on its premises, and that HEB’s agents, servants, or employees were responsible for maintaining the area in a safe manner. According to the shopper, HEB had a duty to use ordinary care in ensuring that its premises did not present a danger to her. To that extent, the shopper maintains that HEB had a duty to inspect, to warn, and to cure. HEB purportedly breached these duties, proximately causing personal injuries to the shopper.

Because of HEB’s alleged wrongful acts, carelessness, and omissions, the shopper is seeking damages and compensation for her past and future medical expenses, her physical pain and impairment, and for the loss of enjoyment of her life, among others. The shopper further maintains that her injuries resulted from HEB’s gross negligence, entitling her to exemplary damages under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code section 41.003(a)(3).

The HEB shopper is seeking monetary relief in the amount exceeding $100,000 but less than $200,000.

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