Hazardous Employment: Construction

Elevated risk of injury, or even death, is expected in certain industries. However, at what point do you say, “Enough is enough.” According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 971 construction deaths occurred in 2017. The majority of fatalities resulted from a worker falling during the course and scope of his employment.

There are a multitude of incidents that demonstrate the unreasonably dangerous conditions of construction work sites. In 2016, a man working construction in northwest Harris County died when a wooden box shifted from a forklift and fell on top of him. In 2017, a worker was injured when he was working on a house. The structure partially collapsed, shifted, and then dropped. The worker was lucky to still be alive.

Most construction worker deaths are caused by falling as a result of work-related duties. For example, last October, a man was working on a scissor lift at Fulshear High School. The worker suffered broken bones and internal injuries caused by falling from the lift. The man had to be immediately transported to a local area hospital. On February 14, a man working on the roof of a new building fell through an opening to his death. The opening was meant for the installation of an air conditioning unit.

Most recently, a construction worker fell to his death after working on Highway 288 in south Harris County. In April, a different construction worker fell to his death at Splashtown.

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