Woman Sues Moody Gardens following Injuries sustained on Ice Slide

On June 5, 2019, a Galveston County resident filed a complaint against Moody Gardens, Inc. (“Moody Gardens”) as a result of injuries she alleges she sustained on an ice slide while visiting Moody Gardens with her family.

The lawsuit arises out of events taking place on January 6, 2019, when the woman visited Moody Gardens with her partner and children. The woman and her family decided to slide down a 15 to 20 feet high ice slide and upon being told by the Moody Gardens employee that it is safe to slide, began sliding down. The woman alleges in her petition that when she was reaching the bottom of the slide, she noticed a group of children blocking the slide exit. At the same time, the woman alleges she did not see any Moody Garden’s employee near the slide exit. In an effort to avoid colliding with those children, the woman attempted to come to a stop before potential impact. As a result, the woman tore her knee when it caught on the ice. The woman further alleges in her petition that before she could get off the slide, the employee at the top of the slide sent the woman’s child down the slide, causing the child to fall on top of her.

The woman is now seeking recovery for her injuries and alleges premises liability against defendant Moody Gardens. In particular, the woman maintains that she was an invitee at Moody Gardens and that Moody Gardens failed to maintain the area in question in a safe manner, and further, that at least one of the Moody Gardens employees should have been aware of the dangerous condition caused by children blocking the slide exit. Additionally, the woman alleges that Moody Gardens’ employees at the top of the slide failed to pay proper attention to visitors and were instead distracted by their phones. Finally, the woman maintains that Moody Gardens failed to either adequately warn her and other visitors or make safe the area where the incident occurred. These failures on the part of Moody Garden and its employees were, the woman maintains, the cause of her bodily injuries.

As a result of the bodily injuries sustained, the woman is seeking monetary relief against Moody Gardens in an amount exceeding $100,000 but not more than $200,000. The woman is seeking such damages and compensation to cover her past and future medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, and lost wages and income.

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