Cruise Ship Passenger Injured After Slip and Fall on the Ship Deck

On December 29, 2017, a Harris County resident filed a lawsuit against Cruises to Nowhere, LLC, and M/V Jacks or Better 1, alleging negligence and gross negligence.

Defendant Cruises to Nowhere LLC owns and operates a vessel called M/V Jacks or Better 1-a casino cruise ship out of Galveston, Texas, that takes passengers to gamble in federal waters.

On May 20, 2017 a passenger aboard the vessel was headed toward the casino floor to gamble. Apparently the vessel deck was slippery due to moisture buildup and lack of non-slip coating. As a result, the passenger slipped and fell walking to the casino floor.

In her lawsuit, the passenger alleges she suffered severe and lasting injuries as a result of defendant’s negligence and gross negligence. In particular, the passenger alleges that the slippery deck aboard the vessel was in a hazardous condition, such that defendant was either aware of or should have been aware of its existence. Nevertheless, defendant allegedly did not remedy the hazardous condition or warn the passenger about it. The passenger also maintains that defendant was negligent in other ways, including failing to apply adequate slip-protection on the surface of the vessel deck that allegedly allowed excess moisture to build up on the deck, and failing to perform routine maintenance and safety inspections. Finally, according to the passenger, the vessel-M/V Jacks or Better 1-was unseaworthy.

As a result of her injuries, the passenger is seeking damages and compensation for physical pain, mental anguish, physical impairment, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life, some of which will continue indefinitely. The passenger further alleges she incurred and will likely continue to incur future pharmaceutical and medical expenses in connection with her injuries. The passenger additionally maintains she suffered a loss of earnings in the past and will suffer a loss of future earning capacity as a result of her injuries on the cruise ship vessel.

The cruise ship passenger is seeking monetary relief in the amount exceeding $200,000 but less than $1 million.

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