Water Safety Tips to Get You and Your Children Ready for the Fourth of July

The fourth of July is a day friends and family get together to celebrate America’s independence, as well as celebrate her patriotic heritage. There will be fireworks, there will be barbeque, and of course, there will be swimming. As mothers and fathers across this nation prepare for next week’s Fourth of July festivities, Americans need to take a brief look at water safety to keep the holiday fun, and accident free.

Data from the USA Swimming Foundation shows that an average of seventeen children drown every Fourth of July. The holiday is a day where families flock to pools, lakes, and rivers for some summer fun. While this is fun for families, people often do not realize a large number of people in swimming areas can overwhelm a lifeguard’s ability to effectively patrol swimmers. For these reasons, here are a few water safety tips to think about before you and your loved ones hit the water this July Fourth.

First, always keep an eye on children in the pool, even if they are strong swimmers. Second, be sure that young children are wearing floatation devices. Third, make sure that you and your loved ones are wearing proper swimming attire. One of the leading causes of drowning in the U.S. is people weighed down by wet jeans. Fourth, bear in mind that most drownings in pools happen in less than three feet of water. The shallow parts of pools and lakes often provide parents with a false sense of security, so be sure to keep children under the age of four within arms-length when in the water. Fifth, empty all kiddie pools, tubs, or buckets as soon as you are done using them. Sixth, be sure that all pools or bodies of water on your property are fenced in. Seventh, be prepared for an emergency. Have a plan if something goes wrong, make sure someone present knows CPR, and if possible, have an AED nearby.

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