Professional Basketball Player Sidelined After Being Injured When His Cell Phone Exploded

Earlier this year a professional basketball player living in Plano was injured when his cell phone exploded. The injured player, Khouraichi Thiam, is a 31-year-old Senegalese man who plays basketball overseas in countries like Saudi Arabia, Spain, Serbia, Bahrain, and Luxembourg. Mr. Thiam was riding in a friend’s vehicle on May 15th of this year, when his LG K20 exploded in his right hand.

The explosion caused the phone’s battery acid to cover Mr. Thiam’s right hand, forcing him to visit an emergency room following the incident. Mr. Thiam suffered second-degree burns to his hand, as well as paralysis is his thumb, index, and middle finger. Further, he is experiencing numbness throughout his hand, which suggests nerve damage. He has also been sidelined as a result of the explosion, interrupting his career, and interfering with his ability to provide for his family.

Phone explosions like this one are usually related to lithium-ion batteries. For example, LG’s competitor, Samsung, was forced to recall the Galaxy Note 7 after its lithium-ion battery exploded on various occasions causing injury. The threat of phone explosions is very real and continues to grow as technology continues to evolve. Explosions like this one will be thoroughly investigated, as the threat of not just injury, but also death is of great concern.

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