Female Patron Sues Motel After Ceiling Collapses on Her in the Shower

A female motel guest was injured on April 30, 2018 after pieces of the ceiling collapsed and fell onto her while she showered in her motel room.

The motel guest filed a lawsuit on May 22, 2019 in Harris County against G6 Hospitality Franchising LLC (“G6”), for the injuries she sustained at Defendant’s Studio 6 extended stay motel, the place of business where she was injured. According to her petition, the motel guest was in the shower in her motel room when portions of the ceiling collapsed on her, causing her to sustain serious bodily injuries. The petition further alleges that the motel guest had informed the motel of the faulty condition of the ceiling approximately two weeks prior to her incident. Regardless of the notice provided, the motel failed to repair the ceiling. Moreover, there were no warning signs or signs of caution provided to the motel guest about the condition of the ceiling prior to the incident that caused her to sustain severe injuries to her head and neck, among other parts of her body.

The motel guest maintains that the motel: failed to maintain the premises in a safe manner; failed to inspect the premises; failed to correct the dangerous condition and take reasonable measures to safeguard persons who entered the premises; and failed to inform the motel guest of the dangerous condition, among others acts and omission constituting negligence that ultimately caused the motel guest to sustain such serious bodily injuries.

The motel guest is seeking damages and compensation for her past and future medical expenses; past and future physical impairment; past and future pain, suffering and mental anguish; past and future physical disfigurement; and loss of earning capacity, among other damages. The motel guest has sued G6 under theories of negligence and premises liability. In her petition, the motel guest alleges G6 is responsible for her injuries because the motel failed to correct and/or reduce and/or eliminate the unreasonable risk of harm caused by the dangerous condition and further failed to warn her about the dangerous condition.

The motel guest is seeking monetary relief in the amount not to exceed $75,000.

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