Family of 12-Year-Old Killed in Her Home in a 2018 Natural Gas Explosion Settles Lawsuit with Atmos Energy

The family of Linda “Michellita” Rogers recently settled a lawsuit filed against Atomos Energy Corporation. The subject of the family’s suit was a natural gas explosion that occurred in their home resulting in the death of their 12-year-old daughter, Linda Rodgers. The explosion, which occurred on February 23, 2018, was likely the result of a gas leak in the family’s home. Linda was up early that morning, getting ready for a cheerleading competition she was to participate in later that day. Linda filmed herself as she prepared and can be seen fixing her hair until the screen fills with fiery sparks, and then goes dark. Linda was found under her dresser drawers by her parents and rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The natural gas explosion that killed Linda Rodgers is not a unique occurrence. Unfortunately, there has been a string of natural gas explosions occurring in people’s home these last few years. Residential gas explosions are avoidable if your natural gas company has properly treated your gas with odorant before it reaches the home. Without proper treatment, natural gas companies are putting you and your families’ lives at risk of serious injury or death.

Natural gas explosions usually occur when a gas leak goes undetected in someone’s home. Gas leaks often go undetected because the foul odor injected into natural gas can fade over time, making it progressively more difficult to detect the presence of leaks. Once the gas builds up in a home, all it takes is the flick of lighter, the lighting of a stove, or anything with a spark to ignite the undetected gas, causing it to combust and destroy the structure. Frequently, explosions such as the one that killed Linda Rodgers badly injure and kill people, as well as destroy their homes.

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