Houston And Dallas Drivers Are The Most Distracted In The Nation


A recent study found alarming results about distracted driving in Houston and Dallas – their drivers are the most distracted in the nation. The sobering news comes from a Zen Drive study, in which Houston was found to be the most distracted city in the U.S., followed by Dallas-Fort Worth. Here is the breakdown: 

  • In Houston, drivers spend an average of 9.44 percent of their driving time using a phone; and
  • In Dallas-Fort Worth, drivers spend an average of 9.23 percent of their driving time using a phone.

Drivers in Houston and Dallas spend nearly 1/10th of their driving time talking on their phones, using apps, and texting while driving – instead of focusing on the road – especially considering Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth are some of the busiest roads in the U.S.

Unfortunately, distracted driving leads to serious accidents and deaths. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 19 percent of all roadway accidents in Texas in 2017 involved distracted driving. These 100,687 crashes resulted in 2,889 injuries and 444 deaths.

Drivers in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and across the country need to be aware of the dangers of distracted driving. So many accidents, injuries, and deaths could be prevented by simply refraining from distracted driving behaviors.

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