Dallas Jewish Community Center Sued, Teen Repeatedly Abused By Staff Member

On April 30, 2019, a lawsuit was filed against the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center in North Dallas alleging the center did nothing to prevent the repeated sexual abuse of a young teenage girl by a staff member working as a trainer. The lawsuit alleges the center even ignored a manager’s repeated reports about the staff member’s inappropriate conduct and behavior.

Unfortunately, this may not have been the trainer’s only victim. The lawsuit claims that at least five other girls who would work out at the center reported that the trainer acted inappropriately towards them. No action was taken by the center in response to these other complaints.

The center allegedly took no action to prevent this pattern of abuse, but there apparently was also a lack of safety policies and procedures in place to properly supervise the center’s staff members, including the trainer. The lawsuit purports that when the mother raised concerns about this inappropriate behavior, the center believed the relationship between the 14-year-old teen and the 24-year-old trainer was something to dismiss.

Companies and entities such as this community center tend to immediately distance themselves from the wrongdoings by their employees if it is possible. It usually takes an unbiased, third-party investigation to get to the truth of whether the abuse was known and condoned or simply ignored.

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