Honda Recalling More Than 1 Million Vehicles Due to Dangerous Takata Airbag

Honda announced their recall of 1.2 million Honda and Acura vehicles due to defective Takata airbags on the driver’s side. The Takata airbags were once thought to be safe, and even replaced older inflators under a recall that began in 2014. The airbags only recently came under scrutiny after an automobile accident and airbag explosion in Maryland injured the driver of a Honda Odyssey. The U.S. National Highway Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) investigation involving the 2004 Honda Odyssey discovered that the driver’s airbag inflator ruptured.

The recalled Takata airbag’s inflator contains a chemical called ammonium nitrate that is used to create a small explosion that inflates the bags in a collision. The problem is that the chemical can deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures and blow apart the metal canister located inside the bags, shooting shrapnel into the passenger compartment. The Takata inflators were believed to be safer because they contain a moisture-absorbing chemical that was added to keep the ammonium nitrate stable. The NHTSA investigation determined that the inflators made at Takata’s Monclova, Mexico factory were faulty due to a manufacturing defect.

The NHTSA investigation remains open and Takata has until the end of the year to prove that inflators with moisture-absorbing chemicals are safe, or they will all have to be recalled. With as many as 70 million inflators to be recalled by the end of next year, the Takata airbag recalls are the largest automotive recalls in United States history. About 100 million Takata inflators are to be recalled worldwide.

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