Four-Year-Old Boy’s Family Sues Trampoline Park for Son’s Permanent Injuries

On April 7, 2017, a four-year-old boy was seriously injured at Flight Deck Trampoline Park in Fort Worth, Texas. The young boy’s family filed suit against the trampoline park for the severe and permanent injuries the boy suffered after losing control on a park trampoline. According to the lawsuit, the child will have to visit an orthopedic specialist every six months until he is 18 years old and will be strictly prohibited from ever playing sports due to the injuries he suffered.

Severe orthopedic injuries can occur when trampoline parks like Flight Deck Trampoline Park fail to adequately supervise their guests or enforce their own safety regulations. According to the child’s parents, Flight Deck Trampoline Park did not uphold their own rule of one jumper per trampoline at a time. Instead, staff allowed several older and bigger guests to jump with the four-year-old boy causing him to be bounced out of control and repeatedly slammed onto the surface of the trampoline until he was severely injured.

Trampoline park injuries across the United States occur all too often. A study recently published in Pediatrics demonstrates that emergency room visits following injuries sustained at trampoline parks have increased from 600 in 2010, to almost 7,000 in 2014 ‒ nearly a 1,200% increase. For example, the family of a thirteen-year-old boy is suing Altitude Trampoline Park in Odessa, Texas for $1 million because of injuries he sustained under similar circumstances. The family of a Houston-area teenager received an $11.5 million verdict against Cosmic Jump for injuries sustained on the facility’s equipment. The four-year-old boy who was injured at Flight Deck is currently suing the facility for $1 million.

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