New Taskforce Targets Unsafe Drivers on Houston Roads

After last year’s Houston Chronicle investigation, “Out of Control,” local law enforcements have responded with the establishment of a regional task force to better patrol the roads. The article identified that “more than 600 motorists, passengers and pedestrians die every year in traffic collisions often caused by drivers who are speeding, driving while intoxicated or distracted and often on poorly designed roads”, ranking Houston roads among the nation’s deadliest. The article also criticized local law enforcements for their lack of a comprehensive strategy to lower the number of traffic accidents, and even lowering the number of enforcements in certain regions where fatal accidents rose. However, Harris County Sherriff Ed Gonzales is hopeful that the creation of the new task group which aims to crack down on traffic violations and unsafe drivers will help keep the roads safer for Houstonians. Sherriff Ed Gonzales stated that “we want to make sure we’re visible and not just performing spot enforcement, and make it more sustainable.”

Over the first two days, the task force managed to make 406 traffic stops, issue 263 written warnings, write 297 tickets, and make 38 arrests of which 23 were for drunk driving and 15 for other crimes. The task force proved to make immediate change by lowering the number of DWI drivers on the road and handing out violations to unsafe drivers. Though the results were good, Sherriff Gonzales knew their efforts must continue to ensure long term progress.

While the increased presence of law enforcement has proven to keep roads safer, additional precautions must be taken to keep drivers safe. Kara Macek of the Washington D.C.-based Governors Highway Safety Association believes that while law enforcement is critical to changing driving behavior, more strategic steps must be taken that prioritize getting cars faster and safer from Point A to Point B. Newly elected misdemeanor jurist, Franklin Bynum, also believes that steps, such as improving street design and public transit across Houston will prove to be effective, if not more effective than issuing citations. It’s clear that Bynum’s idea of creating a better public transit will help make roads safer in Houston not only by lowering the number of drivers, but also by giving people more options to travel when they drink. To ensure safer roads, multiple efforts by law enforcements and our society must be made.

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