Jury Awards Woman Nearly $17M for Injury at Walmart

A West Virginia jury awarded nearly $17 million to a woman who was injured when Walmart employees attempted to detain a shoplifter. The plaintiff, a 53-year-old woman, says employees tried to detain a shoplifter when the shoplifter ran into her shopping cart. The impact caused the woman to fall to the ground with the cart falling on top of her.

The woman’s lawyers contend that she suffered internal injuries as a result of the fall. The plaintiff’s injuries were such that surgery was required. The jury found Walmart thirty percent responsible and the shoplifter seventy percent. A Walmart spokesman stated that Walmart was evaluating its post-trial options. It is possible Walmart could attempt to appeal the jury verdict and ask an appellate court to overrule the jury’s findings.

Many retail stores have policies and procedures in place whereby employees are instructed that they should not pursue a fleeing suspected shoplifter. The reasons for these policies are to protect employees, customers, and even the alleged shoplifter from injuries. However, a lack of training and/or supervision can result in employees failing to follow company procedures.

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