Faulty iPad Battery Ignites and Causes Death

In February of 2017, Bradley Ireland, then 64 years-old, suffered severe injuries after his apartment caught fire. He died later that day. Julia Ireland Meo, Mr. Ireland’s daughter, has sued Apple and alleged that the fire started due to a faulty battery pack in an iPad. According to the suit, “The fire was caused by a defect in the subject tablet, specifically affecting the tablet’s battery pack.” The fire started in Mr. Bradley’s kitchen.

Ms. Meo has made claims of wrongful death and pain and suffering. She detailed that Mr. Ireland endured severe injuries and argued that Apple is liable because it created an “unreasonably dangerous and unsafe” product and failed to provide warnings that it was hazardous. Like other devices, iPads use lithium-ion batteries.

Mr. Ireland grew up in Iowa and studied literature and English before moving to New York City to go to school for computer programming. He also left behind a son, Benjamin Ireland.

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