Deaths Resulting from Natural Gas Explosions Lead to Lawsuits Against Utility Companies

In July of 2018, an explosion occurred during construction at a hospital in Gatesville, Texas. The explosion killed three construction workers and left 12 with blast or burn injuries. Investigators concluded that the explosion was caused when natural gas flowed from disconnected lines into a boiler room.

One of the injured workers is now suing the Dallas-based utility company that was providing natural gas at the site. The suit seeks more than $1 million in damages and alleges that the utility company failed to properly maintain its natural gas system, such as by failing to include an alert for possible gas leaks.

Gas explosions are not an uncommon occurrence, and are not isolated to construction and workplace incidents. In February of 2019, a 12-year-old girl was killed when her home filled with natural gas and exploded. According to ABC 13, the girl’s family is now suing the gas provider, claiming that the gas provider’s negligence led to her death.

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