Harris County Files Lawsuit After Deputy Injured by Exploding Glock

Deputy Herman Sanders was injured on the morning of March 1, 2017 when his handgun exploded. On December 31, 2018, Harris County filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and sellers of the gun, Glock Inc., and also against the manufacturers and sellers of the ammunition, Olin Corporation, for negligence, and breach of warranty, among other causes of action.

According to the petition, Deputy Sanders was working in his capacity as a police training instructor for Harris County when he “pulled the trigger of a Glock 21, 45 caliber handgun that exploded in his hand and face,” causing serious bodily injury. The incident occurred while Deputy Sanders was training at a firing range. Deputy Sanders discharged his weapon and, “[t]he bullets were ejected out of the barrel of the gun. The round never left the pistol and blew back into [his] face and hand.” According to the petition, damages involving monetary relief are being sought including penalties, court costs, expenses, and attorney fees, among others.

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