Grocery Chain Pharmacy Sued By Transplant Recipient for Prescription Error

A lawsuit filed by an organ transplant recipient alleges that a Randall’s pharmacy misfilled her prescription for several months before it was discovered, which reportedly caused “significant disruption both physically and mentally.” The lawsuit, which was filed on October 29 in the Harris County 234th District Court, does not specifically mention what type of transplant Plaintiff Vicki Gaido received, but the original petition notes that she was prescribed the drug Synthroid (levothyroxine) to treat a thyroid condition that arose from the transplant and subsequent treatments.

According to court filings, Randall’s Pharmacy #2051-located at 2951 Marina Bay Dr. in League City, TX-overlooked the fact that Ms. Gaido was being dispensed the wrong dosage of Synthroid for “several months” before the error was discovered. The lawsuit claims that Ms. Gaido had, over many years, reached a “modicum of function, with careful balancing of her medication, lifestyle changes, and continuing medical evaluations,” all of which was “upended by the misfill.”

Organ transplants require immunosuppressive drugs to prevent the donor’s body from rejecting the transplanted organ or tissue, sometimes for life and often in addition to medications needed to treat the condition that led to the need for a transplant in the first place and medications to control the side-effects of the procedures, treatments, and other medications. A heart transplant patient may leave the hospital with between 10 to 15 different medications, and managing them can require a delicate balance.

The lawsuit claims that the medication error required “significant increases in [Ms. Gaido’s] medication” and that “test results show continued abnormalities” since the misfills began. She seeks unspecified monetary damages for past and future mental anguish, physical pain, disfigurement, lost wages, and medical expenses.

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