League City Daycare Center Sued Over Infant Girl’s Suffocation

A lawsuit filed in Galveston claims that a League City daycare center’s negligence resulted in the death of a three-month-old girl. Galveston County District Court records show that Jared and Lindsey McNeel allege that Kiddie Academy International, Inc.; Bullock’s Bright Beginnings, L.L.C.; and Cory and Summer Bullock, individually and doing business as Kiddie Academy of League City, were responsible for the suffocation death of the McNeels’ infant daughter, Skylar Mae McNeel.

The McNeels claim that the defendants placed Skylar face down on her stomach in a crib with a blanket and “Boppy” pillow in it when it was time for her nap, which, among other acts and omissions, caused Skylar to asphyxiate. The court filings allege that the circumstances surrounding Skylar’s nap involved violations of multiple sections of the Texas Administrative Code’s “Minimum Requirements for Child-Care Centers'” subchapter on “Basic Care Requirements for Infants” on the part of the defendants, as well violations of the defendants’ own “Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep Policy.” Although the McNeels’ pleadings did not specify the language from the “Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep Policy” that were allegedly violated, they did allege specific violations of several sections of the Texas Administrative Code, including § 746.2427, which requires infants not yet able to turn over on their own to be placed in a face-up sleeping position unless a different sleeping position is documented as medically necessary, and § 746.2415, which requires that infants under 12 months sleep in a “bare” crib, except for “a tight fitting sheet” and a crib mattress cover to protect against wetness if it meets certain criteria.

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