Injured Motorcyclist Receives $46 Million Settlement

A man who was struck while driving his motorcycle and dragged over one hundred yards by a Southern California Gas Co. truck has agreed to resolve his lawsuit for $46 million. The jury awarded the injury driver and his wife $41.8 million in compensatory damages. However, the parties reached the settlement agreement while the jury was deliberating the punitive damages portion of the case. Compensatory damages are sought to make the injured plaintiff whole, while punitive damages are awarded to punish the actions of defendants.

The man was riding his motorcycle and stopped at a light when a SoCalGas Co. truck struck him. The driver of the truck contended that he suffered an epileptic seizure prior to the collision. The victim was pinned underneath the truck. The truck then stopped for a short period of time, but the truck driver then began driving again. Witnesses were eventually able to stop the truck driver. The plaintiff alleged that the driver knew he suffered from seizures and should not have continued to drive for the company.

The plaintiff sustained severe injuries. The trial evidence showed he lost nearly 40 percent of his blood. His treatment included hospitalization for almost one month with several surgeries to avoid amputation of his leg. The plaintiff still faces multiple surgeries in the future and could even eventually lose his leg.

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