Lawsuit Filed Against Fraternity Over “Scumbag of the Week” Hazing Tradition

On April 9, 2017, Nicholas Mauricio was taken to Tallahassee’s Memorial Hospital by fraternity brothers from Florida State’s Phi Tau chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Mauricio was going in and out of consciousness, he had a golf ball-sized bump on the back of his head, and there was blood running down his mouth from a cracked tooth. The doctors soon realized that Mauricio was suffering from a skull fracture and multiple brain bleeds.

The fraternity brothers allegedly lied to the doctors, claiming that Mauricio had fallen down some stairs while playing basketball on an outdoor deck. However, he was actually the victim of a hazing ritual known as “Scumbag of the Week.” This tradition included a gameshow-style wheel that determined what punishment would be given to each pledge. At this meeting, the lawsuit alleges that Oliver Walker, a member of the fraternity, hit Mauricio so hard that he fell to the floor and was knocked unconscious by the impact. He spent five days at the hospital’s neurological intensive care unit.

Mauricio is now suing Alpha Epsilon Pi for negligence, alleging that the fraternity knew about the “Scumbag of the Week” and failed to put a stop to it. The lawsuit also names Walker and seven students on the Phi Tau’s executive board as defendants.

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