Parents Sue Resort After Child Injured on Water Slide

Carlos and June Cordeiro have filed suit against Fertitta Hospitality LLC, the owner of the San Luis Resort, Spa and Conference Center, after their child was injured while using a water slide. They have alleged negligence after their daughter lost consciousness on the slide.

The suit claims the Cordeiros were guests at the San Luis Resort in June of 2016, and further alleges their child was injured while sliding down the water slide. She was knocked unconscious and sustained a closed-head injury, as well as injury to her body. More specifically, the suit asserts the child sustained a brain injury, including but not limited to a concussion, headaches, loss of balance, nausea, dizziness, and light and noise sensitivity. Further, the suit claims their child has not yet fully recovered. The Cordeiros are seeking damages on behalf of their child, including an award for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and medical expenses.

The petition claims Fertitta Hospitality failed to inspect the condition on the premises, failed to remove hazardous items and failed to adequately warn guests of the unsafe condition. It further alleges Dream Pools of Texas (the company that built the slide) failed to design and build a recreational area that did not involve an unreasonable risk of harm, failed to build to approved safety standards and neglected to provide adequate warnings to users of the water slide.

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