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Big Truck Involved in Hazmat Spill

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, an 18-wheeler overturned shortly after noon on the Southwest Freeway headed southbound near the exit for SH 288. The vehicle was a HazMat truck, and the crash snarled traffic, backing up nearly all of the freeway. The incident involved just one vehicle, and, thankfully, early reports do not mention any injuries.

This incident draws attention to the positive and negative aspects of the trucking industry. The transportation of goods via semi-trailer trucks and other heavy vehicles forms a vital part of the logistics of our economy, particularly in Houston. Yet, these rigs pose hazards to other motorists, to themselves, and to the community at large. It is imperative, therefore, that trucking companies engage safe drivers, and continually monitor their performance. Since many of these operations are very small, with just a few workers, it is critical that they be adequately insured to provide financial responsibility for the huge risks they can impose. Those who utilize the services of trucking companies can help, too. They can look beyond the lowest price to verify that the trucking companies they hire and their drivers have earned safe ratings.

Upon proper licensure, trucking companies are given the privilege to use the public highways for their business. Along with that privilege goes the profound responsibility to conduct their actions in a safe and prudent manner. Because when they don’t, the environment can be contaminated, and lives can be lost.

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