Woman Killed in Wreck Involving Three Vehicles

Alcohol may have contributed to a crash early Sunday morning that killed a woman. The wreck occurred on July 8, 2018, just before 2:00 o’clock a.m. It happened in the northbound lanes of the West Belt at Bellaire.

According to reports, a black Cadillac stalled on the northbound side of the West Belt. The driver was male, the passenger was female. A white Nissan came over an overpass and slammed into the rear of the Cadillac. That collision ejected the woman. After the first impact, a pickup truck then crashed into the white car and the Cadillac.

New accounts indicate that the driver of the Cadillac was trying to give CPR to the woman who was ejected when the second crash occurred. Investigators said the woman died at the scene. The male driver of the Cadillac was taken to the hospital, and his condition is listed as stable.

Authorities suspect that the driver of the pickup truck and the driver of one of the cars in the collision were intoxicated. Charges are pending test results.

This fatal collision points out the need for proper vehicle maintenance and continual vigilance when driving. When a car or truck becomes disabled, it is essential to remove it as far as possible from the lanes of traffic so that it does not pose a hazard to oncoming cars. This is especially true for freeways where speeds are greater. In addition, drivers must always avoid alcohol and intoxication so that they can respond to unexpected emergencies in or near the roadway. The criminal justice system now needs to impose the punishments that are suitable if either of the drivers was intoxicated. In addition, the civil justice system must provide the proper compensation to those who have been damaged by other drivers’ negligence.

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