Hospital Explosion Leaves One Dead, Fifteen Injured

On June 26, 2018, a small 25-bed hospital in Gatesville, Texas, was the scene of a terrible, but likely avoidable tragedy. Fifteen construction workers suffered burns and shrapnel injuries when an electric generator exploded. Construction worker Michael Bruggman, 44, was killed in the explosion. Questions remain as to whether this tragedy was the result of a faulty natural gas line, or from an issue with the generator itself.

Dr. Jim Kennedy, chief consulting officer of Business Continuity/Security Services for Recovery-Solutions, reports the most likely cause of this kind of explosion is a lack of diligence in maintaining the generator. “Complacency can be dangerous,” he says. It is essential the owners and operators of electrical generators perform due diligence and preventative maintenance to avoid these types of incidents. Equipment failures, such as this, cause severe economic damage as well. The hospital explosion caused a large portion of the city to lose power. The hospital was forced to relocate its patients and the construction project collapsed.

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